Drenching rain can't stop huge "We the People" march against DeSantis

On the 2nd of July, a massive crowd gathered in Ft Lauderdale, FL to march against FL Governor DeSantis's vile and hateful new laws that went into effect the previous day.

Thoughout the entire event, there was no sign of the "Vice City Proud Boys, known for protesting similar events in the past. Possibly they are too busy fighting each other after the Oregon City battle between Proud Boys and other Nazis? The only visisble right-wingers were three Second Amendment activists who were unable to start a fight because too many agreed with them on that issue. they had T-shirts, one flag, and two camera people. Gun controllers say "assault weapons are for war" and millions fear needing them for exactly that with the brewing genocide first of trans people, then the rest of the LGBTQ+ community.

Drenching rains opened up just before the start of the march, but very few people left. Rain or shine the march went on, as DeSantis is drenching the state in hate and religious bigotry and extremism.

If this evil man becomes President of the US, he will do all he can to "Florida your New York, your California, your DC etc! The violent and genocidal anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-migrant legislation will then be presented to a probable GOP Congress and if it passes the whole so-called United States will be plunged into religious conflict and hate.

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