Trump rally in Ocala, FL fizzles

Video: fizzled Trump rally in Ocala, FL, Proud Boy with his pistol showing through his pants 2 min 53 sec

Trump claimed over the weekend he would be arrested on Tues, March 21 over the Stormy Danial's hush money and its source. He called on his supporters to swarm the streets and fight for him. The result was fizzled rallies in many places. All of the Florida rallies known to this author fizzled, drawing a dozen or so. Maybe 20 cycled in and out of the 5PM rally in Ocala, FL which was supposed to be major and at which violence was feared. One of the Proud Boys was carrying a gun visible through his pants, not yet legally unless with a CCW permit.

This appears at first blush to be a relief, but there is a major negative to Trump being left by his former supporters to face the fury of justice alone: this may indicate his supporters have defected en masse to Florida Governor DeSantis, who is far worse. He is called such names as "DeSatan" (insulting to Satanists who are fighting Christian nationalistm in FL) and "DeathSantis" by many. This ghoulish thug of a governor is one of the top leaders in the growing pogrom against transgender people, a pogrom that many fear will end in an all-out genocide. Never assume genocide cannot happen in the US, it has happened before to Turtle Island's Indigenous rightful owners!

Maybe Desantis and not citrus rust is the real reason Florida orange juice tastes so much like piss these days?

THIS is all the "wild protest" Trump supporters were able to muster in Ocala, FL on March 21

A Proud Boy's pistol "printing" through the back of his pants

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