Fundies, Proud Boys harass but cannot shut down final day of Drag Queen Christmas in Clearwater, FL

Video of counterprotesters confronting religious cult, 3 Proud Boys 2 min

On the 29th of December, the final performance of "A Drag Queen Christmas" took place in Clearwater, Florida. Members of Cavalry Christian Worship Center (an extreme Christian Cult) and 3 or 4 Proud Boys were unable to overcome defenders much less attempt to shut down the show itself. Again the Governor's interference and threats were unable to stop the show, again the show went on. Some attendees cheered counterprotesters on the way in and out.

Governor DeSatan perhaps?

Chapter Emblem of one of the Proud Boys

An older Proud Boys member

Possible Threeper/militia member

Possible Threeper/militia member

A mix of Christian and militia imagery on this pack

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