Protesters march on SOD headquarters against killer cop Jason Bagshaw's return to "duty"

Video of protesters at SOD 25 sec

On the 15th of October, protesters showed up at MPD's Special Operation Division (SOD) headquarters. They were protesting police brutality and Jason Bagshaw in particular. Bagshaw is the killer cop that gunned down David "Lazarus" Wilson over the summer. He has been back on the street maybe a week, but even one day is one day too long for a proven killer.

Towards the end of the protest an especially ugly development occurred. Throughout the protest MPD claimed Bagshaw (who normally "works" at SOD) was off duty. After less than an hour, protesters had to return to the parking lot where those who drove had left their cars. Apparently MPD leaned on the owners of the parking lot, demanding permission to ticket and tow cars. As protesters removed, they were given TWO MINUTES to move their cars-and Bagshaw allowed himself to be spotted nearby. Everyone managed to get cars started up and get out of the parking lot before tickets could be written. Three police tow trucks were spotted standing by, no doubt on Jason Bagshaw's personal order.

This sort of vindictiveness is what one would expect of a street gang leader or maybe a mafioso from the Godfather. Well, a gang leader is exactly what Lt Jason Bagshaw is: one of the commanders of DC's largest and most violent street gang, and he has killed with his own hands.

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