Indigenous People's Day rally and speakout held on the Mall

Video including Jay Winter Nightwolf's explanation of so-called "Columbus Day" and a water protector speaking on Enbridge's Line 5 (5m 17 sec)

One of a great many Indigenous People's Day events was held on the Mall in Washington DC near 3ed st SW.

So-called "Columbus Day" is NOT, and as Jay Winter Nightwolf explained at the rally, that was not even his real name. Instead of celebrating a rapist and murderer who was almost halfway around the world from where he thought he was (as lost as is possible), more and more folks now celebrate Indigenous People's Day in October.

An Indigenous water protector who was present at Declare Emergency's Capitol Beltway blockade earlier the same day speaks

Enbridge Line 5 to attempt to bypass a reservation that has forbidden them passage with a massive U-bend.

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