Protesters disrupt "Heartbeat of Miami" fake clinic network's fundraising dinner

Video from protest outside including still transmitted from inside 1 min 30 sec

On the evening of the 17th of September, the infamous “Heartbeat of Miami” fake clinic network held a fundraising dinner at Trump National Doral on the outskirts of Miami. While some protesters held a presence outside, two went inside to disrupt the event, got into the ballroom,and raised a ruckus. They were then grabbed by a mixture of Proud Boys, “Trump Police” and actual cops. They were then arrested on spurious charges as seems to be common in Miami.

Heartbeat of Miami has been found to be a major connection between Fundamentalist Christian groups, Fascist groups, and the GOP in Miami. Thus this fundraising ball was a major strategic target. The fact that Proud Boys were mixed with police and "Trump Police" security guards at this event is dangerous. Miami is known for their GOP chapter being effectively captured by the Proud Boys-and for considerable overlap between them and the police. This is much like the KKK in the old South.

The Trump connection is also menacing. If Donald Trump gets back in the White House in Jan 2025, abortion will probably be a felony for both doctor and patient in all 50 states by July 2025. All-out attacks and even police roundups aimed at the LGBTQ community would also be likely. Already parents of trans kids under age 18 in Texas have effectively been made fugitives by TX gov Abbot and his coconspirators.

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