Seminole County, FL GOP headquarters trashed

On the morning of August 29, Seminole County GOP fascists found their headquarters tagged with “Eat Shit Fascists.” In addition the locks were glued, forcing the GOP MAGAts to break into their own office by the back door.

Seems they do EVERYTHING by the back door BTW. Some GOP scumbags citing the text of the artwork blamed Biden’s statement calling Trump and the MAGA Republicans “semi-fascist” but millions understand there’s nothing semi about this breed of fascism. The only thing missing is a foreign war of aggression, possibly due to Trump’s bone spurs and “military record?”

When Trump was in office, he put children in cages on the border, some of whom still have never seen their parents again. When he was defeated in the 2020 election, his MAGAt friends attempted to overturn the election by force of arms on Jan 6, 2021. Just this past week two GOP operatives in Arizona issued a call for rounding up LGBTQ folks and imprisoning them in concentration camps. The GOP has banned abortion for about 1/3 of all women in the US, which will kill tens of thousands of cisgender women and trans men and subject millions more to forced pregnancy. Speaking of trans, Texas governor Abbot and Fl governor DeSantis are by legislation demanding forcible detransition for transgender youth, if necessary under the guns of the police and so-called “child protective services.”

Those who bring suffering and death to tens of millions should consider it an act of great forbearance that someone striking back after all that GOP violence chose to limit themselves to spray paint and “extra security” on the front door locks. Wars have been fought over much less than this, for control of oil or a dam on a river.

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