Protesters disrupt DeSantis "Education Tour" event as Proud Boys glower outside

Video including disruption of DeSantis speech, protests and counterprotests outside 2 min 9 sec

On the 21st of August, Florida's religious extremist governor Ron DaSantis held a campaign rally at of all places Metro-Dade Firefighters Local 1403. The rally was for his far-right agenda in the schools and school board candidates he supports. Two protesters managed to get inside and disrupt the event while Proud Boys tried and failed stop more protests from being held outside.

Every time Proud Boys and Fascists attempted to close on the protesters, the cops realized the resulting battle would go poorly for the Proud Boys and the press would be awful for DeSantis. This resulting in cops doing the jobs of anti-fascists themselves, pushing their fellow fascists away from the protesters. Cops made threats of "trespass" against the protesters, only to have the media "engage with large caliber video cameras" which caused the cops to back off.

Members of the Vice City and Broward County chapters of the Proud Boys and so-called "Moms for Liberty" were spotted outside the event.

Special thanks to Thomas Kennedy for the close-up clip of the disruption inside, nearly in the Governor's face!

Same report on national/global Iron Snowflake website:

The protest against DeSantis (Photo by Jonathan DeCamps)

This is the pro-DeSantis counterprotest by Proud Boys and other Fascists. Short man waving ID'd as Alexander Thomas, Chris Barcenasis in the white shirt to the left of him, Chris Nelson (also on the video) in the cowboy hat. On right, older man holding flagis Herbert Silver.

Proud Boy and J6 defendent Gabriel Garcia poses with the protest against DeSantis in the background. Two middle fingers, zero follow-through

We Say Gay!(Photo by Jonathan DeCamps)

Anarchists push into the street(Photo by Jonathan DeCamps)

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