Big crowd at residential protest against Alito three days after Dobbs

Video-the scene at Alito's place as a much larger crowd protests 1 min 8 sec

On the 27th of June, the weekly residential protest against Supreme Court "Justice" Alito drew several times as many people as it had in the past. People are furious that SCOTUS has decided to legalize imprisoning (and possibly even executing) women and doctors over abortion, giving states a nearly free hand.

Alito is famous as the author of the original leaked draft of the Dobbs decision, which quoted 17th century judge Matthew Hale. Matthew Hale had two women executed for witchcraft, and was an originator of the doctrine that it was legal for a man to rape his wife. The "witchburner" connection to Alito has brought explicit Wiccan and Pagan symbols into some of the recent pro-choice protests, particularly at his house.

By the time Matthew Hale had those two women executed, burnings at the stake were out of style and they were hanged instead. If a Fundamentalist Christian state today was to prosecute a woman for a self-managed abortion, convict her of premeditated murder, and sentence her to death, it is unlikely Alito would vote to block her execution. This is "Injustice" Alito truly in the spirit of Matthew Hale.

This cameraman was hostile, trying for face closeups of protesters before being driven off. There was unconfirmed suspicion he may be connected to the Proud Boys, and reacted strongly to talk of J6

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