Continuous protest at SCOTUS resembles early days of BLM Plaza

Video-massive booing at SCOTUS, sounds like a fight about to start but cools off on its own 16 sec

The ongoing protests at SCOTUS(at least 27 hours at this writing) have taken on some of the atmosphere of the early days of Black Lives Matter Plaza, though with some key differences. So far, things are noisy and confrontational, but no tear gas and flashbangs as the antichoice protesters don't have them and the cops have limited their involvement to displays of aggression.

Fascists and fascist media have been showing up, but never in large numbers. Hard fascists have been spotted from time to time over the past two weeks, including a Proud Boys affiliated videographer present at J6 on the evening on June 24, and a fascist in a Richard Spencer ("fashy") haircut on June 25. No organized unit of them has managed to carry out any kind of attack so far, in contrast to several Fascist assaults on Pride events in GOP dominated towns.

Fascist spotted with the antichoicers on June 25. This one claimed abortion "is the same as rape"(?)

Reminder: The US was not founded as a Christian nation even by the murdering, racist colonizers who founded it. Many had fled the theocratic monarchies of Europe at that time.

THIS is what settler colonizers in SCOTUS meant to do

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