SCOTUS dumps Roe, legalizes abortion bans as pro-choice advocates confront theocrats outside

Update 6-25 night: Protesters march on Gorsuch's private community day after Dobbs decision

Update 6-25: Continuous protest at SCOTUS like early days at BLM Plaza-minus the police violence

Update 6-24 night: Video-a black bloc takes to the streets, answering the call to a Night of Rage over Dobbs 2 min

Video-the scrum outside the Supreme Court-and the nonarrest kettle of BOTH sides together 2 min 44 sec

Friday, the 24th of June was an ugly day at the Supreme Court. While the so-called "Justices" inside overturned Roe v Wade and warned Gay marriage and contraception are next, pro and antichoice crowds duked it out with bullhorns outside. At one point, a swarm of bike cops essentially kettled both sides together although not making arrests. Just before the decision was announced they withdrew in a big hurry.

Shortly afterwards, riot cops deployed to the Supreme Court, while a short distance away a civil disobedience-minded activists climbed to the top of the Fredrick Douglas bridge and occupied it, shutting down traffic over the 11th st Bridge

This is the beginning of a long conflict, not the end of what the GOP has been trying to do since Ronald Reagan took office. The antichoice elements have obtained not victory but war. Yes, war. This is guaranteed to lead to violence as states send armed thugs with badges to arrest women for seeking abortions. Attempts by states to ban interstate travel for abortion are already beginning. This violates the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution as clinics are considered businesses. Surely the current Supreme Court will simply ignore that however. Thus, "random" traffic stops targetting women on roads out of state leading to clinics probably start soon.

Biden is claiming he will use the Dept of Justice and the Attorney General's office to protect women crossing states lines for abortion and to protect access to (Federally regulated) abortion drugs in antichoice states. If those states challenge Biden in court, it goes right back to the same Supreme Court, the one that Trump packed, and no doubt the rulings will side with the antichoice states. Then the state troopers will be stroking their billy clubs in their cars, just waiting for anyone to try to get over the state line for an abortion.

Roadside stops of cars containing young women seeking to get out of state abortions are all but guaranteed to lead to police shootings, simply because all traffic stops can, and in this case motivation to resist will be especially high. That will be doubly true in states that prosecute abortion as murder. It would only take ONE woman killed at a traffic stop over abortion to touch off a string of 2020 style urban uprisings(if that doesn't happen anyway as soon as tonight).

"Murder" charges for abortion will be especially incendiary. Pro-choice states will refuse to extradite for abortion-related offenses, antichoice states will refuse to extradite abortion clinic bombers. This will further set the states against oneanother. Extension of laws based on religion to contraception and same gender marriage (as mentioned by SCOTUS in the Dobbs ruling for future attention) will add new combatants to the right as the two main coalitions in the US duke it out with each other. As theocratic "Christian States" become more extreme, populations in the US may begin trying to get away from each other. We could see population exchanges and/or outright refugee flows out of MAGAt states as the oppression and brutality spread. This one is going to be ugly.

Legal or not, abortion will continue

Fetus-stealing PAAU has been the main antiabortion group in the streets outside SCOTUS

Bike cops enter the scene

Both sides kettled together, cops care only about defending the Court

Side view of the kettle. These cops hurredly got back on their bikes and withdrew shortly before the decision was announced

Riot cops deploy to SCOTUS around Noon: still from Manu Raju Twitter video

Photo from the top of the Douglas Bridge, published by the activist perched there and shutting it down

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