Kavanaugh,Roberts get home demos for 4th week in a row

Video by Downright Impolite (5 sec)

On the 25th of May, Supreme Court "Justices" Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts got a 3ed round of Wednesday night home demos. They also were protested on the night of Sat. May 7 making this the 4th week in a row.

Author's commentary on the situation below:

These antichoice judges are (as the FBI once said they feared) gettting a taste of what things were like for the former investors in vivisector Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), a campaign marked by home demos and the targetting of investors and THEIR investors.During the SHAC/HLS campaign the FBI stated they feared the spread of these highly effective tactics and strategies to other issues. They were right-that was part of the idea! Slumlords were named as a likely "next" target as Roe V Wade was at that time in little danger of being overturned.

Home demos at the residences of antichoice "justices" could prove to be the beginning and not the end of this fight. Once SCOTUS issues their final ruling, the fight shifts to state houses and state courts. As the FBI feared, the strategy of tertiary targeting as well as the tactic of residential protest can then come into the fight if activists so choose. Like a vivisection lab, the campaign to make abortion a felony has sources of funding, of bank accounts, and the other things that in the corporate world have been compared to the oxygen people need to breathe. These "investors" will be funding campaigns to charge women with murder for getting abortions, and in states from Texas to Florida that could theoretically even put the death penalty on the table for abortion-bought and paid for by businessmen with names and addresses.

It is time for the world to step on the financial air hoses of antiabortion churches, the GOP, and known and suspected campaign contributors to antichoice politicians at the Federal, state, and local level. During the HLS campaign, the quality of SHAC's investigators was first rate. Seemingly no corporate contribution to HLS went undetected.

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