Wynn Alan Bruce sets himself on fire at Supreme Court over climate chaos

Friday, April 22nd was Earth Day. On that day, Wynn Alan Bruce, a devout Buddhist, set himself on fire in front of the Supreme Court to protest climate chaos and air polllution. He died the next day. The Washington Post "reported" this story-but with not a single mention of why Mr Bruce set himself ablaze.

It can be argued that the entire industrialized portion of the human species is also burning ourselves alive with fossil fuels, just in a slower and less spectacular manner. Unlike Mr Bruce's protest, this less obvious form of human self-immolation is threatening to take the rest of the world with us. The industralized part of humanity is essentially setting itself on fire in a crowded place from which no escape is possible.

It should be recalled that during the last days of the Diem regime in what was then South Vietnam, there was a string of similar incidents involving Buddhist monks, protesting the Diem regime the strongest way they knew how. More recently, two days before Trump's J20/2017 Inauguration, a man set himself on fire in front of Trump Hotel and survived. Yet another person did this near the White House a couple years later.

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