Code Pink holds protest of looming war in Ukraine

On the 27th of January, Code Pink held a mid-day protest in front of the White House against increasingly likely war in Ukraine. The fact that both the US and Russia posess nuclear weapons greatly increases the stakes if both countries commit troops to the same battlefield.

Biden is sending 5,000 US troops possibly to grow to 50,000 troops. Putin has staged a major Russian military presence on the Ukrainian border. Other NATO countries excluding Germany are intervening. Germany depends on Russian gas, which Putin is threatening to cut off over sanctions much less war. US fracking, pipeline, and LNG corporations are chomping at the bit to replace that Russian gas with US fracked gas. Then there is the nuclear issue.

Both Putin and many of the Ukrainian insurgents who will oppose him are Fascists. Thus, there is a good chance that a destructive war between two groups of overt fascists will be fought on Ukrainian soil. Russia has fought insurgents elsewhere in Ukraine since their earlier 2014 invasion of another part of the country.

Photo by Morgan Artyukhina

Creative Commons Licence