Kavanaugh and Roberts get abortion rights home demos

Video including Kavanaugh showing himself and Roberts being called out for Bush v Gore 2 min 45 sec

Jan 22, 2022 was the 49th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision, and many fear it will be the last. On the evening of that day, protesters marched on the homes of Supreme Court so-called "justices" Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts, warning that abortion bans will not be tolerated and calling out these judges for their previous abuses of women and for their involvement in the 2000 Bush vs Gore case.

Both Kavanaugh and Roberts were caught at home by the protest, and in Kavanaugh's case someone in the house even ended up opening his door. As they did, protesters screamed "Abortion on demand and without apology!" One time turned out to be for nothing less than a Chick Fil-A delivery!

One of the speakers pointed out that John Roberts claimed that Christine Ford's testimony about what Brett Kavanaugh did to her did not matter. He played a major role in greasing the wheels to get rapist Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court. Both of these judges are considered likely votes to overturn Roe vs Wade and return authority over abortion to Fundamentalist Christians in states dominated by them. Other speakers pointed out that contraception and LGBTQ rights will be next. On that note, yet another speaker warned the government as a whole to "make my day" on any attempts to start enforcing sodomy laws again.

Marchers inbound to the home of Supreme Court "Justice" Kavanaugh.

Protest as seen from the direction of Kavanaugh's house

Protesters at the home of Supreme Court chief "Justice" John Roberts

Earlier: flash mob at the Supreme Court for abortion rights (Photo by KishaBari)

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