Patriot Front heckled by antifa, expelled from antichoice march possibly by organizers

Video-Patriot Front heckled, removed-and your videographer chasing their U-haul 3 min

On the 21st of January, the neo-Nazi/open Fascist group Patriot Front attempted to sieze the lead position in the antichoice/forced birth "March for Life." At first they marched forward while MPD bike cops pushed back anti-Fascist and pro-choice counterprotesters. Soon, however, they had to withdraw to the sidewalk and make a left turn out of the march.

It is suspected that organizers of the so-called "March for Life" may have decided that Patriot Front was just too toxic an image even for them. Alternately, Patriot Front's breach of march discipline by attempting to sieze the lead position may have offended organizers. Patriot Front had to quit the march and retreat to the Gallery Place Metro. Police shut off access to the station to all other riders. There Patriot Front had to stop, waiting for a U-haul truck to show up. The shields were eventually loaded onto the truck, while the bulk of the Nazis went into Gallery Place Metro.

There is the likelihood that Metro may have provided the Nazis with a special train. That has happened before, on August 12, 2018. That was the failed "Unite the Right II" march. ATU Local 689 later held a protest specifically against Metro providing special service to Nazis and expecting Metro's workers to support them. Expecting a workforce comprised mostly of people of color to provide "safe space" trains for white nationalists is beyond outrageous, and WMATA was lucky this didn't result in a strike.

Other kinds of fascists were plenty welcome in the antichoice march. In particular there was a lot of "Christian Dominionist" presence. Christian Dominionism is a political theory that holds the Bible to be equal to the US Constitution in determining what the laws of the US must, can, or cannot be.

Also present in the "mainstream" antichoice march were anti-vaccine activists. One of them had a sign demanding people refuse the vaccine over allegations of cell lines dating back to abortions decades ago being used in developing (NOT manufactoring!) one or more of the vaccines. Masks were as rare as vaccinations: the only masks the author of this story saw were on Patriot Front and on counterprotesters. The so-called "March for Life" stated on their website that masks were required in the march, but this appears to have been for prior media consumption only. As predicted, this event has some serious superspreader potential.

At any rate, this is at least the second time in a row Patriot Front has been run out of a "march for life" event. On Jan 8 they received a humiliating reception in Chicago's event, and there too were driven away. Entryism may require skills and moderation they simply cannot handle.

Patriot Front attempting to lead the entire forced-birth "march for life"

MPD pushing back antifascists and media so Patriot Front could lead and the rest of the antichoice march follow

Two fascists outside of Patriot Front's main crew-one with a Confederate flag on his helmet

Poorly constructed Patriot Front sheet metal shields. These may be for show, not for battle.

"march for life" but anti-vaccine in a global pandemic?

The cop seen fraternizing with Patriot Front leader Thomas Ryan Rousseau(in cowbot hat) has been identified as MPD's Commander Robert W Glover

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