Poor Peoples Campaign and CASA descend on Supreme Court, Capitol Hill

Video-Ton of bike cops on 1st after CASA's blockade for migrant rights 37 sec

On the 27th of October, first the Poor People's Campaign (PPC) and then Casa staged protests at the Supreme Court. After PPC marched to the Hart Building for a failed attempt to deliver letters, Casa's activists marched on the same area between the Capitol and the Supreme Court and blocked 1st st NE. In response a torrent of bike cops showed up, seemingly the standard Capitol Police response to ANYTHING.

The PPC was demanding that Congress pass Biden's Build Back Better act-and than Manchin and the so-called "Moderates" (meaning right-wing "centrists" in the Dems) stop trying to strip out the most useful provisions. CASA was demanding an end to treating anyone as "illegal" which would require a complete end to deportations and the rest of the racist US persecution of migrants.

One CASA deployed, the usual massive bike cop response activists have come to expect from the Capitol Police appeared. The Capitol Police rely on this light cavalry unit for seemingly everything protest-related. This tactic however would not have worked on Jan 6, when violent white supremacists and Trumpers descended on the Capitol. The much more heavily equipped Proud Boys and 3%'ers would have just pushed or fought their way through. Light cavalry cannot stop heavy infantry in a melee battle.

Scene at the Supreme Court after Casa's action blocked the street in front of the Supreme Court

Poor People's Campaign departs the Supreme Court for the Hart Building.

Poor People's Campaign's main banner

Part of CASA's protest after being pushed off the street

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