People vs Fossil Fuels Day 3: 90 more arrests, head of Corps of Engineers gets home demo

Video featuring speaker on how the Keystone was stopped 1 min 24 sec

On the 13th of October, water/climate protectors again marched on the White House demanding an end to Federal approval of fossil fuel projects. They also demanded Biden formally declare a climate emergency. Ninety protesters were arrested this time around. Shortly thereafter, activists showed up at the Arlington home of Jamie Pinkham, head of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

One of the march banners at the AM civil disobedience was simply a blue "water" banner symbolizing rising seas flooding the entire area containing the White House. Theme of the day was that climate chaos is NOW.

During the civil disobedience, one of the speakers in the support rally spoke about how the Keystone XL was stopped. She didn't have to mention that what transformed that from a local to a continent-wide fight was the Aug-Sep mass civil disobediences at the White House just like the ones taking place now.

After the home demo, Beyond Extreme Energy went so far as to post a tweet about the home demo including its exact location. The consequences of killing the climate don't stop at the office any more than the consequences of killing puppies(in vivisection) ever did.

Indigenous warriors march to the White House

Each day starts out 8AM on Freedom Plaza, continuing through Friday

The march on 15th st

The rally and CD at the White House

photo from Beyond Extreme Energy's tweet about the home demo at US Army Corps of Engineers head Jamie Pinkham's house

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