Women's March marches on Supreme Court, faces off with counterprotesters

Video-marching on SCOTUS and confronting theocrat counterprotesters 4 min 31 sec

On the 2nd of October, the Women's March marched on the US Supreme Court to condemn their decision to uphold the Texas near-ban on abortion. Marchers were measured in thousands, counterprotesters in dozens. The cops penned the march into a dangerously narrow space by the Supreme Court while shouting matches were the limit of interaction with the right-wingers.

In an inversion of what happened at the Supreme Court on Nov 14, 2020, this time police faced outward, prepared to defend their fundamentalist Christian friends if the overwhelmingly larger pro-choice march decided to charge. This however was unlikely given the makeup of the march, with so many Democrats etc within it. By comparison, when the Proud Boys pressed against the fences in the same place on Nov 14 to oppose a few hundred anti-Fascists, they were quite likely to charge, yet cops with shields kept their backs turned to that dangerous Fascist menace. It is clear which side they are on.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has voided it's perception of legitimacy with huge sectors of the US public by essentially overturning Roe v Wade in the Texas case, and is now widely considered a political court. As such, its decisions are now also considered to be dictated by political party action, in this case the GOP which in turn is dominated by Trump. As such, women are likely to hold the court accountable for all difficulties in obtaining abortion services in Southern or other Christian Fundamentalist dominated states.

Already women are crossing state lines to access health services, and clinics in states within a few hundred miles of Texas are being overwhelmed. In the worst-case scenario of widespread bans or a Federal ban, the existance of drugs usable for self-managed abortion will present Trump and the rest of the GOP with another unwinnable "war on drugs." Woman have spoken-and they are NOT going back!

The Women's March coming up Capitol Hill

The march on Penn Ave

Elephant in the womb

Scrum at the Supreme Court did not escalate past a shouting match. Note that the far-right was shouting without wearing masks, yet calls themselves "pro-life"

What a name for a cop!

A taste of things to come?

The scene as counterprotesters chant "SHAME!"

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