Trumpers, fascists hold rally for J6 defendents behind walls of cops

Video-cops, other fascists and counterprotesters at the Capitol 1 min 29 sec

Update Sep 21: It is being reported that the man arrested with a gun was an off-duty CBP officer. CBP officers of course are fascists-their core job is racial enforcement. Same shit as at J6.

On the 18th of September, hundreds of Trump supporters (MAGAts) and assorted fascists held their so-called "justice for J6" rally in front of the US Capitol. Huge numbers of cops protected the Capitol from them, and them from the general public. One counterprotest was held up close, and a larger one at Freedom Plaza

Either the small, up-close counterprotest or possibly a pair of Black right-wingers (this is unclear) were eventually pushed back by police in what looked like a kettle, though no arrests were reported in that incident.

This was not the tens of thousands of fascists that descended on DC for Nov 14, Dec 12, and Jan 6. On those days there were MAGAts all over the city east of about 16th st, and seemingly everything east of 15st until entering NE was dangerous enemy territory. This time around, only scattered MAGAts were seen elsewhere in town, and as of 5:30PM we do NOT have reports of assaults by groups of fascists. Harry's Bar, while open was dead from Friday night until at least 1/2 hour after the rally. Jan 6 it was closed, Nov 14 and Dec 12 it was packed, with huge crowds overflowing into the street.

Rumors that Federal officials (maybe US Marshalls?) planned to hunt J6 fugitives at the rally caused the Proud Boys and other far-rights extremists groups to fear the entire rally was a trap set by the Feds to catch J6 fugitives. Since few of their best fighters would have wanted to miss Trump's "wild protest," it thus stands to reason that most of the extreme-right's best fighters had to stay away. This may have played a major role in keeping the peace.

There were scattered arrests and incidents around the Fascist event: two journalists (one in body armor marked "press")were arrested or detained on suspicion, possibly initially over very large backpacks. One person was arrested there for brandishing a knife. Another person was arrested with a gun according to police. They ALWAYS bring firearms to fascist rallies it seems, more should be presumed to have been present. Either or both of these may have been the journalists (who could have been fascist media) or it is possible those two were merely detained and others were arrested with weapons.There was a report over police radio (overheard) of a person hitting people with a "large metal flagpole." Two were arrested before things even started on felony warrants from Texas. Towards the end, some of the facists engaged the small, up-close counterprotesters in a shouting match before riot cops broke that up. As the fascists dispersed a bit after 1:30PM, the cops pushed the counterprotesters away, and were reported to have trapped two people in a kettle, though no arrests were reported from that incident. Also at that time they blocked anyone from leaving the main rally by going North on 3ed st.

On the other hand, Charlottesville was a battle between an estimated 1,000 hard fascists, Nazis,and Klansmen vs an estimated 4,000 counterprotesters. On Sep 18, it looked to the author like the fascists may have gotten their hoped-for 700 people. Another estimate with a better view of the limited space in the back (where police lines bowed forward) was 4-500. Either way, the right-wing crowd at Sep 18 was thus a large fraction of their Charlottesville turnout, even if it was a small fraction of their Nov 14/Dec 12/Jan6 turnout. They had several earlier "building actions" such as rallies at the DC Jail. This raises serious concerns that a major fascist March on Washington may yet be in the cards. Note that there were a LOT of media mixed in with the fash, plus their families, so the number of fighting fascists was a lot less. In short, the rally was hollow, and fascists themselves claim is was a bust.

Still, this rebuilding by fascists combined with the likelihood of Trump stealing the 2024 election means the outcome of J6 and the Inauguration of Biden may only have gotten the people of Turtle Island a 4 year break, four years to make ready for the shitstorm yet to come. Despite all this, the rally was described on Twitter as a "Dud" due presumably to low energy and being so much smaller than the prior MAGA riots.

Due to the number of police on site, it would have taken many more counterprotesters than at Charlottesville, Nov 14, and Dec 12 combined to physically shut down the Sep 18 fascist event. In short, a national mobilization would have been required. The most dangerous fascists as well as the most numerous were the police. At J6 by comparison the Capitol Police were outnumbered, outarmed, and riddled with 5th columnists. This time too, some of the fascists were spotted palling around with riot cops.

Riot cops and counterprotesters at the US Capitol

The main fascist rally up close

Long shot showing numbers of fascists

Side view of riot cops and fascist protest as seen from the up-close counterprotest

Long shot showing depth of fascist crowd at Capitol

Counterprotesters separated by riot cops from the fascists

Black House News photo of incident reported as a kettle of at least two counterprotesters. No reported arrests from this

Someone got this close shot of the riot cops. A mixture of these round shields and rectangular (tower/Roman style) were used by the Supreme Court on Nov 14, 2020 so they are not new but were not used on J6

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