Supreme Court "Injustice" Kavanaugh gets abortion rights home demo

Video of the protest at Kavanaugh's house 2 min 51 sec

On the evening of September 13, protesters descended on the home of US Supreme Court "Justice" Kavanaugh. The protesters were infuriated by the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Texas ban on abortion after 6 weeks and demanded that Kavanaugh resign from the Supreme Court.

Speakers warned that the Supreme Court could not stop abortion but only make it dangerous. They also warned that all other rights were at risk and called for abolishing the filibuster and adding more justices to the Court to dilute the influence of Trump's picks such as Kavanaugh. Just before marching away, a speaker reminded everyone that self-managed abortion with drugs obtained online is now possible. That means the fundamentalist Christians get another "war on drugs" that they can never win.

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