Protests and dissent begin as SCOTUS guts Roe vs Wade in TX

Just before midnight Sep 1-2, the US Supreme Court refused to stop a Texas abortion law that empowers private "bounty hunters" to sue anyone who helps anyone get a abortion after six weeks. Less than 24 hours later, the first sparks of what will soon be a roaring conflagration of protest began at the Supreme Court.

One of the protests was a fast emergency speakout held by a group that normally organizes around climate change. More protesters appeared at the court in the morning that day, and there was a callout for a substantial protest the following day. On Oct 2, the Women's March will hold major marches in all 50 states just before the Supreme Court reconvenes. Such terms as "Resistance" are again appearing in the twitter feeds of liberal democrats who have not been seen on the streets since Jan 7. I'ts ON!

This "soft kill" of Roe vs Wade could prove to be the issue that destablizes the US once and for all. For all the violence during the Trump years, most of Trump's supporters were fighting for things like white supremacy that have a minimal impact on their own direct quality of life. A woman's right to choose can be a life and death issue by comparison. This is an issue with the potential to blow up the supposed US democracy, splitting the country wide-open as violence escalates and any remaining respect for polical institutions breaks down. This is how nation states are demolished.

A small speakout-and one of the first sparks of the coming conflagration of protest

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