FERC blockades Day 4: Die-in, blockades hold out 2 hours plus in the rain

On the morning of November 6, 11 activists were arrested as the 4th day of blockades in a row again made it difficult for employees of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to get to their rubber stamps. One of the blockades was a die-in across 1st st NE.

The focus of Day 4 was the connection between extreme energy and the war economy. The day's silent blockades in the rain stood in contrast to the swirling chaos of the previous three days. This sort of thing invokes generations of antiwar protest going all the way back to Vietnam.Today, it is land rather than people being "drafted" in a sense as extractive industries poison aquifers, wells, and rivers in their endless pursuit of fossil fuels. After all, people don't volunteer to spend more on bottled water than the gas from a fracking well is worth.

Photo by Stop the Frack Attack

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