Sunrise Movement blockades all but one car entrance to White House

Video-setting up blockades all the way around the White House 4 min 40 sec

On the 28th of June, Sunrise Movement descended on the area surrounding the White House, demanding that Biden create a "Civilian Climate Corps" to address climate issues. After marching to the White House, they redeployed back to the streets-and blockaded all but one of the entrances to the White House compound usable by car

The blockades were set up rapidly and precisely. Sunrise marched north out of Lafayette Square, and the march split, one component travelling East and the other West. Each march was subdivided into contingents organized by state, with each state responsible for one blockade. DC's contingent added the demand that MPD be defunded and their cost be returned to the taxpayers. This entire event may have surprised the cops, as everyone was and IS expecting a big disruptive protest two days later, on Wed June 30. That is still coming, but may have additionally served as a diversion to limit police readiness for the June 28 round of actions.

The blockades held from about 2:30PM until the theoretical end of the workday at 5PM. One blockade crew that would have left earlier was blocked from crossing I st by a kettle line of MPD bike cops-so they simply returned to their prior position and set their blockade back up! Finally, blockade crews mobilized to back up protesters at 17th and Penn who were being either detained and processed out or arrested, possibly a selective mix of the two.

despite the one unblocked Ellipse entrance, it has been reported that the Prime Minister of Israel was prevented from meeting w Biden after his motorcade could not find an acceptable route into the compound.

The S side entrance to the Ellipse remained open, and protesters reported being dispersed/moved from an unspecified location. All other vehicle entrances were blocked either by protest blockades or in one instance an unrelated parked tractor-trailer. Had that Ellipse blockade held(assuming also serious intention to do so), the overall event would have although entirely nonviolent escalated to a de facto siege of the White House, with no vehicles allowed in or out. This was intended as a civil disobedience, not a battle. There have been prior protests (notably A16/2000) where Secret Service was permitted to use one entrance only so as to avoid forcing them to fight over a symbolic blockade. During the A16/2000 IMF protests this was with the provision that that access would be used only for White House business and not World Bank/IMF access. The thread made by the SS to gain that access on Apr 16 2000 was that they otherwise would use rubber bullets to force a passage.

The DC Contingent

Generation of Fire

"Half kettle" bike line across 15th st at I st. This caused protesters on the move to return to and re-establish a blockade that had been lifted

Two apparent arrests

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