Anti-Racist block party closes U st in front of Nellie's Sports Bar

Video:protesters take over U st, Nellie's is CLOSED 1 min 13 sec

On the 18th of June, protesters again descended on the 9th and U st area, at now-closed Nellie's Sports Bar. On Pride night Nellie's security dragged a Black woman down the stairs by her hair. Now they have shut down supposedly for training but probably to avoid confrontation with furious BLM protesters.

This is not the first offense for Nellies. Im 2018 they flew a thin blue line flag during Police Week, drawing a boycott campaign and demands for obviously useless training.

This time around, activists are demanding the permanent closure of Nellie's along with a public apology from the owners. Firing their security contractor for getting caught is not enough

Having to shut down for Juneteeth weekend has proven incredibly expensive for Nellies. At about midnight, all bars on U St were packed, with massive crowds outside and traffic crawling. Nellies racism forfeited a major post-pandemic "recovery weekend," perhaps such losses will sink them for good.

Posters and graffiti on Nellie's after the protest/block party ended

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