Cancel Rent activists march on home of councilmember Anita Bonds

Video of the march and rally at Anita Bond's house 1 min 51 sec

On the first of June, protesters gathered in front of the DC Housing authority to march on the home of councilmember Anita Bonds. Activists were there to demand at least a two-year rent freeze with cancellation of back rent due to the pandemic.

Across the street from DCHA, low income apartments burned as firefighters gave their all to battle the blaze. This while activists hope to douse the flames of gentrification and displacement.

Anita Bonds already had a Black Lives Matter Plaza street sign in one of her windows. As protesters filled the street in front of her house, she appeared at an upper-story window, dropping a combined rainbow/trans flag with a black and brown chevron separating these elements. Apparently she thinks she can pinkwash her way out of demands NOT to resume evictions in DC, and to cancel rent instead.

Protesters gather at DC Housing Authority as an affordable apartment building burns across the street

Marching caskets through the streets symbolizing deaths caused by evictions

Cancel rent rally at DC Councilmember Anita Bond's house

Anita Bonds dropped this flag from her window banner-style during the rally in a futile effort to pinkwash her work for developers and slumlords. A BLM sign was in another of her windows, same bullshit

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