Thousands fill Constitution Ave in National March for Palestine

Video of the rally and march 1 min 44 sec

On the 29th of May, the National March 4 Palestine built up at the Lincoln Memorial before filling several blocks of Constitution Ave with marchers. The march ended between the White House and the Washignton Monument, demanding sanctions against Israel for their aggression against the Palestinians.

The Israeli government was compared at the march to the former apartheid regime in South Africa, a comparison that has been widely made for many years. As this protest took place, a cease fire was supposedly in effect between Israel and Gaza, but that has not stopped such things as Israeli police roundups of Palestinian activists living inside Israel's claimed borders.

The chant heard in the protest of "Settler, settler, go back home! Sheikh Jarrah is ours alone!" was and is a direct repudiation of the efforts by far-right settlers to evict what began as 8 families from Sheikh Jarrah, the act which started the current round of warfare and may yet end in the Third Intifada.

Building up at the Lincoln Memorial

Lead banners of the march

The march filled the street and the sidewalks on Constitution Ave

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