Massive Nakba day march for Palestine ends at Capitol fence

Video: the march,the tank and the Capitol fence 1 min 52 sec

On the 15th of May, one of the global Nakba(catastrophe) marches marking the 73ed anniversary of the start of the occupation of Palestine took place in DC. The march went right up to the Capitol fence.

Included in the march was a mock tank, which was taken quite close to the fence.It is in the US Capitol that decisions are made about how much military aid to send to the Israeli government. Whatever position one takes on the settlement of individual land claims and right of return to the area, one must admit that Israel as a nation-state has become an "ethno-state," similar to what the worst far-right extremists in the US arguably stormed the Capitol on Jan 6 in a failed attempt to create. Speaking of that storming, the Capitol police who were so completely hammered on Jan 6 were strangely absent, MPD being almost all the visible cops right up to the fence. One photographer got a very long shot of National Guard troops faintly visible in the distance just outside the Capitol building itself.

Some speakers at the march noted that Turtle Island (so-called "North America") like Palestine is stolen land. Another speaker at the US Capitol referred to the so-called "United States" as an illegitimate government on stolen land.

Mock tank drawn up to the fence surrounding the Capitol, where decisions are made about how many Israeli tanks and weapons to pay for

The "tank" approaching the Capitol fence

The sheer scale of the march

Wrong at Auschwitz, wrong in Palestine too

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