Protesters take to the streets as Palestine explodes

Video: 2 clips by Alejandro Alvarez-the massive crowd on Const Ave, and the mock tank at 16th and H 1 min 36 sec

On the 11th of May , a massive protest including a mock tank repurposed from a Colombia rally took to the streets to protest Israel's proposed evictions in Jerusalem and the spiraling violence that has resulted.

The DC March started at the US Dept of State and ended at the White House, where the mock tank set up at 16th and H just south of where Mayor Bowser paved over the Black Lives Matter Plaza murel.

What began as an attempt to evict residents of a Jerusalem neighborhood Israel wants exploded into an Israeli assault on al-Aqsa with 300 injuries, between 500 and 1,000 rockets fired from Gaza in retaliation, and Israeli airstrikes in response to the rockets.

Mainstream press are taking outright war. Once again, Israel's more powerful weapons inflict most of the damage and death, while mostly blocking less powerful Palestinian weapons. Palestine has small unguided rockets, most of which fall on empty desert. Israel has Iron Dome to shoot down most of the rockets that threaten lives. Israel has massive guided missiles and air dropped bombs, Palestine had no Iron Dome of their own. Thus, too many in Israel think they can provoke Palestinians with oppression and evictions, even set the al-Aqsa mosque compound on fire with impunity.

Impunity it is not: from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv to Washington DC and NYC, protesters have been taking the streets. So many protests have taken place inside Israel by mixed Arab and Jewish crowds that there is once again talk a "third Intifada" may be brewing. The May 11th protest on DC drew a huge crowd on very short notice, another march is scheduled for Saturday, May 15 at 3PM starting at the Washington Monument.

Still from Alejandro Alvarez Twitter video

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