Line 3 protests shut down Wells Fargo, most downtown banks mid-day

Video: rolling oil barrels, spreading tar, marching the Black Snake as banks shut down 6 min 54 sec

On the 7th of May, Extinction Rebellion DC and other groups acting in solidarity with Anishaabe activists marched on multiple downdown branches of Wells Fargo. They dumped fake oil, rolled oil barrels and marched a giant Black Snake in the streets, and tried to give away wild rice soaked in oil.

Cops didn't know only Wells Fargo was being targetted, so they blocked entry to all banks near the protests, effectively shutting them down.

There were similar protests and banking shutdowns all over Turtle Island and three other continents. All banks funding Enbridge's Line 3 were at risk but Wells Fargo was called out as being the worst offender. In DC, protesters targetted Wells Fargo exclusively and thanks to MPD's behavior were able to let the "shorts and overs"(collateral damage)take out the rest. This means othr customers of ALL these banks (incluyding major corporations) will be asking why they were unable to access their branch at or shortly before Noon on a Friday, which may be payday for some of them. This in turn makes Enbridge an expensive investment to keep. It also invokes the counter-banking/counter-stock trading campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences and the residential protests of banking executives that made that corporation the pariah of not only all vivisection, but all banking. Activists may succeed in making tars sands pipelines and fracking "the next vivisection" and Enbridge "the next Huntingdon Life Sciences."

All this while front-line Anishabe warriors backed by other Indigenous activists and their allies are fighting a holding action in northern so-called "Minnesota" to block Enbridge from crossing and destroying Anishaabe lands to build the Line 3 replacement pipeline. This project is intended as a bypass for the defeated Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, and is another Black Snake. There is a Lakota prophecy that a Black Snake shall come from the north, and he shall spit poison into the water. That is exactly what these tar sands pipelines do!

Wells Fargo: Thou hast summoned the Black Snake!

Rolling oil barrels to the first targetted Wells Fargo branch

Setting up at the first target

Spreading the tar at Wells Fargo #1

The Black Snake arrives at Wells Fargo

Graffiti at a Wells Fargo visited by the Black Snake

Wild rice served Enbridge style-in oil

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