Turkish Embassy hosts rally denying Armenian genocide

Video of the mess at the Turkish Ambassador's residence with many faces 31 sec

During WWI, Turkish forces murdered an estimated 1.5 million Armenians. To this day Turkey denies this genocide. On the 24th of April, 2021 the United States formally recognized this crime as a genocide. Furious, Erdogan 's Turkish Embassy and Ambassador's residence hosted a rally denying the genocide ever took place.

The rally and all those cops tied up a lot of street space, though the number of actual participants was small. It would be interesting to determine if any fugitives from the May 2017 beating of Kurdish protesters by Erdogan's security team were present and being protected by Secret Service as this rally took place.

US President Biden chose April 24 to recognize the genocide. This was the 106th anniversary of the April 24, 1915 beginning of the roundup of Armenians in Istanbul, then known as Constantinople. With luck, this will also put an end to US acceptance of or at least cooperation with Turkey's attacks on Kurdish fighters in the Syrian Democratic forces. Intemperate responses by Turkey's theocratic dictator Erdogan (often compared to Daesh/ISIS) could drive a wedge between Turkey and the US, which will benefit the brave warriors who defeated Daesh and put an end to their territorial claims in Syria. If Erdogan corners the US into imposing an arms embargo on Turkey, that will soon halt the attacks on the SDF.

Full HD version same video as above 31 sec

Genocide denial rally outside the Turkish ambassador's Sheridan Circle residence. This is where Kurdish protesters were beaten in May 2017

Faces of many of the participants in the pro-genocide rally. Any fugitives from the May 2017 beating of pro-YPG/YPJ Kurdish protesters in this?

Propaganda tent denying Turkey's 1915-1917 forced marches, concentration camps, and execution of Armenian civilians.

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