FTP march paints up Union Station Columbus statue, cops attack at dispersal

Black House News video of sudden police attack as marchers dispersed at end of march 1 min 29 sec

On the 17th of April, the second of three DC marches for Duante Wright and others murdered by police made a beeline to Union Station from their stepoff, and covered it with anti-facist graffiti upon arrival. With Chauvin's trial about to end in MN and huge protests expected, the question of what to do with statues of racist murderers is now back on the table.

Afterwards, as the march dispersed under the Chinatown arch, bike cops suddenly attacked people who were still there, ultimately managing to arrest three on unknown (as of 2AM on Sun, April 18th) charges. This sort of aggression is no surprise from racist bullies, and waiting to strike until dispersal also implies they were afraid to fight the full crowd in its deployed formation. Such an attack would have run into a wall of shields and bikes.

Police startled in response to what sounded like a string of light firecrackers thrown into them during the attack, followed by a heavier mortar firework that halted ther action momentarily. Given this effect, it is possible that the same or a larger (as at 4D/October) mortar firework thrown into them just as the attack started would have stunned the police attack into a confused halt and allowed others to unarrest their targets. The police themselves use "flashbang" stun grenades essentially the same way when raiding armed and defended houses. These don't throw pretty stars but are just as loud with a brighter flash and a stronger "concussion"(blast/overpressure) effect. In action the sound of a police flashbang (as used last summer but NOT at J6/Capitol) can be distinguished from even the heaviest fireworks by a harder edge to the start of the bang.

March pops smoke while exiting the area around the Columbus statue

Still from the Black House News video of the police attack as marchers tried to disperse

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