Intense Duante Wright march withstands assaults by police, descends on 3D cop station

Video of the march 5 min 22 sec

On the 17th of April. a large and furious crowd gathered at BLM Plaza for a march against the police murders of Duante Wright, George Floyd (whose killer may be acquitted in days), and so many more. Wealthy diners were confronted and in one incident a powerful firework landed in or near them. Later, as the march descended on MPD's 3D headquarters, cops began shoving protesters and at least one arrest was reported.

Some of the atmosphere as fireworks went off and cops went out of their way to pick fights was similar to that in November and December when BLM and anti-Fascist activists had to defend the city from Proud Boys and other fascists. This time around, Fascists in blue (the most common kind) have been shooting people from coast to coast, averaging about two per day this year. With young teenagers (including a 13 year old) being shot down by police and the widespread suspicion that George Floyd's murderer is about to walk, aggressive protests met by outright police riots are taking place from coast to coast. A news report on WTOP Radio warned this may get even hotter than what happened after George Floyd was killed if Chauvin (ist) is acquitted.

At one point near the start of the April 16th DC night march, someone with a "go-pro on their chest" presumably in bodycam mode was warned to take it off or leave. This kind of camera rig is very uncommon in activist media, and the author of this story has only ever seen this on cops and on fascists. Speaking of fash media, Breitbart was caught filming faces at the march and their enemy cameraman was pressed in upon to encourage him to leave. Of course, he was not knocked down and repeatedly kicked in the head like what Proud Boys to to progressive media camera operators. Instead he was nonviolently but urgently encouraged to leave.

On the first pass through U st, marchers got cheers from folks at a 14th and U music event, and some of the performers even stood on an elevated position to perform for marchers. There was also quite, even covert statements of support from staff at some of the less wealthy venues in that area as marchers went by on the second pass pressed so hard by all those bike cops.These venues shall not be identified.

Bike cops press in on the march, shield bloc and own bikes protecting rear of march

The march began on BLM Plaza, with a front line under umbrellas to block hostile cameras behind the leading bikes. A shield bloc joined in shortly after this

At one point, protesters descended on 3D. This lead to cops shoving and assaulting protesters

Typical MPD fake kettle, this one on U st shortly after the incident at 3d. Only way to tell fake from real kettle is to advance into it to move the march, or try to leave by going right through the cops

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