Fuck the Police march takes Takoma Park, MD streets

On the 10th of April, a Fuck the Police (FTP) march gathered at Takoma Park Metro, then crossed into MD and marched through Takoma Park and Silver Spring to protest Montgomery County police officers Dionne Holliday and Kevin Christmon handcuffing a 5 year old boy and threatening him with a beating for wandering away from school. The march faced little police opposition, perhaps out of shame.

As the march built up at the Takoma Park Metro, a K-9 dog could be heard barking from inside one of MPD's cars, but MPD was left behind when marchers crossed into MD. Only one bike cop was ever seen. After the march ended, MPD was found staged at 16th and Leegate in DC, between the marchers and Mayor Bowser's house.The Takoma Park police minimally escorted the march, breaking off when the march left their jurisdiction. Montgomery County police mostly stayed away. Any "incident" would have drawn more press coverage for the crimes of MoCo police officers Dionne Holliday and Kevin Christmon, the kind of cops who tell small children their parents are going to be taught to beat them up.

Three Takoma Park police cruisers behind the march, they seemed to be unable to get and stay ahead of the march as it snake marched rom street to street

DC and Metro cops as the march built up. You can see the K-9 marking one on one of the MPD cars. This was probably where the barking dog was caged.

View from the front of the march in Silver Spring. This was the extent of the visible MoCo police presence

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