ANSWER holds Stop Asian Hate rally at Chinatown arch

On the 27th of March, another round of Stop Asian Hate protests were held all over the so-called United States. One of them was ANSWER's DC rally under the Chinatown arch between 6th and 7th st NW on H st, site of so many Black Lives Matter protests in the past. Again the subject is people being killed for the color of their skin, anti-Asian hate crimes and murders have skyrocketed in the past year.

As is usual at these rallies, some participants had "I'm not a virus" signs or variations on them. This is a response to accusations by white supremacists that all Chinese people-or even all Asians-are somehow responsible for the coronavirus. This sort of new disease can originate anywhere in the world, and in fact US factory chicken farms are considered to be as high a risk of producing a new pandemic (a new and deadly bird flu) as anything in the world.

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