Tenants of the Woodner, other Van Metre properties hold Cancel the Rent protest

Video featuring tenant organizer telling of Ms Woodner's expensive horses and art shows 1 min 26 sec

On the 26th of March, tenants of the Woodner, the Oaklawn, and other Van Metre properties protested in front of their buildings demanding back rent and rent be cancelled in the face of the majority of tenants losing their jobs to the COVID-19 pandemic. While tenants starve, Ms Woodner rides $100,000 horses and sponsors art shows!

As organizers spoke, more than once the words "rent strike" were heard. The great fear is mass evictions for unpayable back rent once the COVID moratorium on evictions comes to an end, followed by a wave of homelessness. Rich people have no right to evict children and families into the streets so they can keep their mega-yachts, expensive ponies, and art gallery shows. Perhaps they will take up baking cakes for those who have no bread?

Rallying at the Woodner for rent cancellation in face of pandemic job losses

Building security photographing tenants at the protest

MPD protecting the Woodner from their own tenants

Banner drop from inside

Yes, we have these (both kinds...)

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