Stop Asian Hate march demands end to racist attacks

Video interview with participant in the rally/march 1 min 6 sec

On the 21st of March, protesters responding to the March 16 murders in Atlanta filled McPherson Square before marching first to Black Lives Matter Plaza, then to the famous Chinatown arch. The shooting spree culminates a year of rising anti-Asian hate crimes as white supremacists exploit the covid pandemic.

Six of the victims in Atlanta were Asian and seven of them women according to the Washington Post. The shooter claims to have been motivated by religious objections to "sex addiction" thus religious bigotry against presumed/perceived sex workers adds to racist hate as a factor in this crime. The shooter was apparently a regular at the "conservative" Crabapple Baptist Church in Milton, Ga. Even his other right-wing parisioners could not stomach his crime, and voted to expel him from their church. Some of the marchers in DC on March 21 carried signs condemning fetishization of Asian women as well as the usual racist bigotry.

Asians are NOT a virus

The march sets out

Ending of the march in Chinatown

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