The Shortwave Report 03/19/21 Listen Globally!

This week's show features stories from Spanish National Radio, Sputnik Radio, Radio Havana Cuba, and NHK Japan.   (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {33MB}        From SPAIN- Alison Hughes presents reports on the protests in England over the murder of Sarah Everard- a police officer has been charged with her kidnapping and murder. The world arms trade has stabilized over the past five years, though sales from the US to 96 countries increased by 37%- France and Germany also saw gains in war profits.        From RUSSIA- Afshin Rattansi spoke with Miami based youth climate activist John Paul Mejia of the Sunrise Movement. He discusses why environmentalists are demanding the Line 3 crude oil pipeline be shut down, the encroachment of many of these fossil fuel pipelines on indigenous peoples’ rights, why all future permits for oil and gas pipelines should be denied, and why Biden needs to stick to his promises of a green future. The 19 year old says the US needs to abandon cynicism and instead wage militant optimism.        From CUBA- In Bolivia coup leader and subsequent president Jeanine Anez began a four-month jail term to prevent her from leaving the country while being investigated for terrorism, conspiracy, and sedition. The US and Israel are trying to prevent cargo ships and oil tankers from entering Syrian waters. The Iranian diplomat at the UN says all American forces currently occupying parts of Syria must immediately leave. The British government has announced an upcoming increase in the nuclear weapons stockpile to prepare for future wars and escalate the confrontation with China.        From JAPAN-  More about the British move to increase its nuclear stockpile from 180 weapons to 260. The foreign and defense chiefs of the US and Japan met to discuss alliances and regional challenges. North Korea harshly criticized the current US/South Korea joint military drills underway. A brief report on the military takeover in Myanmar.            The latest Shortwave Report (March 19) is up at the website  in 3 forms- (new) HIGHEST QUALITY (160kb)(33MB), broadcast quality (13MB), and quickdownload or streaming form (6MB) (28:59) Links at page bottom   (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {33MB} PODCAST!!!- feed://  (160kb Highest Quality) I was a guest on a poetry podcast called Cartwheels On The Sky on October 10. The 29 minute show can be found here- Page- < >       ¡FurthuR!      Dan Roberts "The capacity to combine commitment with skepticism is essential to democracy."-- Mary Catherine Bateson Dan RobertsShortwave Report- www.outfarpress.comYouthSpeaksOut!

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