DC climate activists, Indigenous activists protest Enbridge Line 3 at Corps of Engineers

Ford Fischer video of the DC Line 3 protest 1 min 55 sec

On the 12th of March, Anishinaabe and other Indigenous activists protested Enbridge's Line 3 "replacement" pipeline all over the US. They were backed up by climate and anti-pipeline activists. One of these protests was in Washington DC at the headquarters of the US Army Corps of Engineers, without whose permit the pipeline cannot be built.

Enbridge's Line 3 project is NOT the one for one replacement of an aging pipeline Enbbridge bosses present it as. Instead it is a major capacity increase intended as a bypass for the now-dead Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

As in the successful 10-year fight against the Keystone XL, activists everywhere are targetting banks who dare to invest in the project. The front line is in Minniapolis, where the Anishinaabe are under direct threat from the project. Note that the author of this story is part Anishinaabe himself. During a Line 3 protest in Portland also on March 12, a JP Morgan Chase security guard dared to aim a gun at a young Anishinaabe woman's head for daring to sing in their lobby in opposition to the pipeline.

Still from Ford Fischer video

Portland: gun momentarily aimed at Anishinaabe woman's head by JPMorgan Chase security

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