Spaces in Action hold International Women's Day rally on Mall

Raw video: the "Fight don't Starve" Black version of Rosie the Riveter and the US Capitol 24 sec

The Monday, March 8 DC International Women's Day rally by Spaces in Action prominantly featured the demand for "one fair wage" at $15 an hour. The centerpiece of the rally featured the slogan "fight don't starve."

The GOP has been going all-out to block minumum wage increases and is crying buckets about covid relief bills that ask anyone other than individual workers to pay the record costs of the pandemic. Showing the disgusting exploitative roots of that attitude, some of their Big Pharmas campaign donors (who also give to the Democrats) are already complaining about not being able to charge high prices for covid vaccines.

Note that Spain attempted to ban International Women's Day protests supposedly for covid-19 reasons. This in spite of data from the Summer 2020 uprising in the US that masked outdoor rallies do not spread the virus and only unmasked events like the Trump marches seem to cause clusters. The ban in Spain was defied, with women taking to the streets no matter what the government had to say about it.

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