Protest held on BLM Plaza against continuing deportation of Black migrants

Video: Protesters chant against Biden's deportations on H St 29 sec

Between Jan 20 and Feb 15 2021, over 26,000 people have been deported in defiance of Obama's supposed deportation freeze. Haitians and other Black migrants seem to have been especially targetted. On President's Day (Feb 15th), migrant and BLM activists gathered on Black Lives Matter Plaza, demanding Biden keep his promises to halt ALL (not some) deportations.

Biden's supposed deportation freeze was shot through with exemptions, and in addition MAGAts in the Texas state government sued and won a temporary restraining order against the formal deportation freeze. That injunction could easily be made worthless by simply grounding all deportation flights or redirecting border patrol and ICE agents to empty spaces. There would be zero risk to Biden in standing up to Trumpist leftovers in this way, as Trump himself already set a precedent of presidential immunity and impunity. Instead there have been near-daily deportation flights to Haiti. Migrants from Jamaica, Trinidad, and Cameroon are also being targeted

Still from Black House News video of President's Day protest against continuing deportations under Biden

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