Build Back Fossil Free march demands Biden cancel pipelines

Video-Build Back Fossil Free march on the White House 1 min 26 sec

On the 11th of Feb, a "Build Back Fossil Free" march demanded new President Biden order the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to halt operation and cancel Enbridge's Line 3 that trespasses on Ojibwa land. Other demands included cancelling all other Federal support for fossil fuel infrastructure and supporting renewables instead.

A billboard truck was part of the protest, showing stirring video from the 2016 fight in Standing Rock that had DAPL stopped until Trump took office. That story was told from the perspective of a tribal elder speaking decades later about Trumps' takeover and the forcible completion of the pipeline. She said "we lost a battle but not the war." As marchers drew close to Black Lives Matter Plaza, two large helium balloons lifted a banner into the air.

DAPL is operating illegally, since a court voided their permits, ruling the Trump-created accerated permit process they opened under to be unlawful. That pipeline was thus supposed to shut down but has operated illegally ever since. Now Trump is gone and DAPL may soon be nothing but a sorry memory rusting away beneath the land. This in turn will warn all banks and stockbrokers not to invest in pipelines that even after completion might not be usable except with the GOP is in the White House. This sort of "political risk" will make such investments far too speculative to be considered "bankable."

"Build it Back Fossil Free" marches on the White House from the EPA

The balloon banner

Sign truck at the White House

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