Fence blocking access to H st/BLM Plaza removed, some National Guard to stay

As of the evening of Jan 22, the fence blocking access to the "sign fence" on H st from BLM Plaza has been removed. Hopefully no remnants of the coup plotters are still in town to attempt an attack on the artwork

Meanwhile, Ford Fischer reports that "Federal law enforcement agencies" have asked that 7,000 National Guard troops remain in DC through mid-March. With Trump's impeachment trial delayed until the first week of February, there is the real risk that fascists, MAGAts and Proud Boys will again descend on the city in an attempt to forcibly halt the trial of Donald Trump on charges of "inciting an insurrection." Trump is also at risk of criminal prosecution in both DC and NYC for a variety of crimes. Criminal trials also are likely to bring the alt-right running, letting Donald Trump escape justice will make the extreme-right immeasurably stronger due to the message of impunity it will send.

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