J20: Few fascists show up(and get stripping counterprotest), Trump flies off to Miami like other failed coup plotters

On the 20th of January, the streets were mostly quiet as Trump quit the White House and fled to Miami with the rest of the failed coup plotters. There were some exceptions however:

Video-stripping counterprotesters confront, drive off SLPC-listed hate preachers 2 min 20 sec

Video by DC YLF of police detainment of POC folks from LA on their way back to their cars 16 sec

On the 20th of January, the streets were mostly quiet as Trump quit the White House and fled to Miami with the rest of the failed coup plotters. A few brave folks celebrated in the streets but most stayed away fearing an attack from the extreme-right. The hate group "official street preachers" showed up at Union Station but was driven off by counterprotesters stripping in front of them.

The hate preachers were at Union Station, not far from the barb-wire topped barricades. They were the same nutjobs that showed up at Comet Pizza the previous night spewing "Pizzagate" bullshit. As counterprotesters engaged them, riot cops initially responded but soon left, seeing that dangerous Proud Boys or armed militiamen were not involved. Three of the counterprotesters met the hate by stripping off some or most of their clothes in the cold wind. First a woman counterprotester (a performance artist) stripped down to minimal clothes to confront the "official street preachers," an SPLC-listed hate group. When the "preachers" responded with coarse and gutter insults, two men joined her protest, stripping off their shirts in sub-40 degree weather. Soon, the nutjob hate preachers threw in the towel and packed it in, quitting for the second day in a row.

The day was quite a contrast to Nov 14, Dec 12, and Jan 6. On all three of those days anti-Fascist activists had to wear body armor to protect themselves from the knives and guns of pro-Trump terrorists like the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and Three Percenters. On Jan 20, Trump scuttled out of town and as Biden was sworn in only ONE visible Trump supporter was anywhere near BLM Plaza and the White House. Instead of heavy body armor, counterprotesters against the half-dozen hate preachers were able to strip down to bare skin, underwear, or sweat pants without getting a knife in the back. There were scattered sightings of Fascists later in the day, but they were unable to organize anything substantial with Trump banned from Twitter and Parler kicked off the Internet. That won't last, but Trump's coup has failed and the feared second attempt from inside the military never materialized.

It is being reported that Donald Trump has already set up shop in Florida, either founding the "Patriot Party" as a potential 3ed major party in US politics or discussing doing so depending on the source of the report. A Patriot Party Twitter account reported got 95,000 followers in just one day, though there is a good chance Twitter will ban the account on realizing it is another Donald Trump mouthpiece. Already posters on the pro-Trump "thedonald.win" website are saying "our new Capitol is Florida." This is not over, and even if Fascist street battles do not return to Washington DC anytime soon, they will no doubt continue in many other places.

Meanwhile, serious progressives are by no means satisfied with Biden either. He is doing some long-overdue good things like overturning Trump's Muslim Ban, killing the Keystone XL pipeline, and rejoining the Paris Climate Accord. This is not the same thing as taking money away from killer cops, ending all fossil fuel subsidies, killing ALL Federal pipeline permits, and closing all the ICE/CBP detention camps. Certainly former Federal prosecutor and now Vice President Kamela Harris isn't calling for a mass release of Federal prisoners. Neither is calling for an end to gentrification. Thus, protests against capitalism continue.

While a rumored night march in DC never materialized, a night march in Portland trashed a DNC office, and marchers in Seattle burned US flags. The slow-burning civil war continues...

BLM Plaza as Trump quits DC to lead his new "Patriot Party" from his Florida headquarters in "exile"

Only ONE Trumper seen near BLM Plaza

Fascists didn't even attempt to challenge these stout defenses surrounding the US Capitol

A performance artists strips in response to hate-spewing Fundamentalist preachers near Union Station

Two men join the performance artist after she draws vulgar insults from the theocrats

DC YLF Photo of fascists near Eastern Market and 8th st NE

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