Protesters demand expulsion of pro-coup Congressmen on day of Trump's 2nd impeachment

Video: ShutDownDC's footage of so many cops trailing the banner holders 12 sec

On the 13th of January, the House voted to impeach Donald Trump for a 2nd time. Outside protesters held giant banners demanding that members of Congress who supported the Jan 6 coup attempt be expelled in addition to Trump. Large numbers of cops trailed them, and at at least one point made threats of arrest.

The fortress surrounding it was not there on Jan 6, and there is suspicion that coup supporters inside will once again throw open the gates to an invasion of white nationalists on Inauguration Day

A National Guard member wearing a thin blue line patch. This raises questions as to which side he and other National Guard members will fight when white nationalists attack Biden's Inauguration on Jan 20(photo by Dave Brown)

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