MAGAt rally speaker invokes Normandy while Fascists harass BLM Plaza

Video-speaker invokes Normandy while fascists harass BLM Plaza and buildings are boarded up 59 sec

On January 5, Trump supporters rallied on Freedom Plaza. At one point, a speaker told people to hug each other, thinking it was sarcastic to call it a "superspreader event." Another speaker made an incredibly offensive comparison to Normany (D-Day) while fascists and Proud Boys harassed the defenders of Black Lives Matter Plaza. Meanwhile two more fascists were arrested for carrying guns.

As venom flowed on Freedom Plaza and scattered bands of MAGAts harassed Black Lives Matter Plaza, work crews furiously finished boarding up some buildings near the likely battlefields of Jan 6. If Trump's supporters are so peaceful and law-abiding, why are all these buildings being boarded up?

Jan 6 (tomorrow as this is posted) is when Congress votes to certify Biden's victory over Trump in the 2020 election. Thirteen GOP Senators plan to object, and thousands of Trump supporters are expected to demand that the election be overturned and Trump retained in the White House. There are fears of an outright coup, presumably with Trump invoking the Insurrection Act "against" his own insurrection, then trying to re-run the election under military control.

Scene at Freedom Plaza as a Trumper dares to speak of Normandy and D-Day

At BLM Plaza before the harassment started

bracing for invasion: furiously finishing boarding up before the storm hits

Danger: armed fascists in town

This man became aggressive towards defenders of BLM Plaza. Defenders said he was a member of the Proud Boys

NY Post invokes "war" as Georgia runoff vote decides the future of the Senate

Rawsmedia got this photo of a Trump supporter with alt-right/neo-Nazi symbol Pepe the Frog on a shield

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