Proud Boys top commander Enrique Tarrio arrested

Update 1-5:Tarrio was released with charges-and a stayaway order from ALL OF DC except for court hearings

On the 4th of January, Proud Boys commander Enrique Tarrio arrived in DC for what he hoped would be three nights of terror against people of color. Instead he was arrested on arrival, for burning the Black Lives Matter banner stolen from a church on Dec 12, 2020. In addition, police found two high capacity gun magazines on him, banned under DC's gun laws. These brought two addtional charges, both felonies.

The gun magazine charges are felonies because Tarrio has a prior felony conviction. Thus, for him to posess firearms (and in DC, ammo, magazine, etc) is another felony. Salon reports that back in 2013 Enrique Tarrio was convicted of several felonies for stealing and reselling over $1,200,00 worth of diabetes testing supplies from Abbot Labs. That cost him 16 months in prison and two years probation afterwards. Now he is a convicted felon in posession of high capacity gun magazines. The mags were probably intended to be used to commit more felonies in DC such as armed assaults.

Tarrior was pulled over while conducting an interview with a journalist. Sirens can be heard in that interview, and he tells is driver (yes, he has a personal driver) to pull over. Some joked this was for a "team meeting" with the police, or so he could be told exactly how MPD wants their boots licked. Instead however he has in fact been arrested and charged. In response to this, at least one Proud Boys social media account is calling for MPD officers to be "executed." Not long ago we were hearing "back the blue" from Nazis, now they want to kill the cops they used to worship.

Enrique Tarrio is of Afro-Cuban ancestry, yet he considers himself white and has embraced white supremacy. In taking command of the Proud Boys he has made himself a traitor to his ancestors and to all people of color. He is a MAGAt in more ways than one.

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