Activists limit 2nd L st homeless sweep to opening 9 foot clearance on sidewalk

On Dec 8, an "area cleanup" of the L st underpass homeless camp was limited by community pressure to trash removal. On Dec 21, the Mayor's troops returned, only to again face a potential hornet's nest as camera-wielding activists waited ready. Again the Mayor had to let the homeless stay, again only trash was removed. This time, tents etc were moved by residents and activists to clear a 9 foot walkway.

Last time around, the Mayor "blamed" a hypothermia alert for having to back off, this time the notice posted allowed a "total cleanup" without regard for hypothermia cancellations . Remora House DC reported that nine cops were on sight. This would normally have resulted in homeless folks losing everything they own, driven from their tents by cops to make way for loading everything into trash trucks. With so many people watching, and with cameras locked and loaded, the cops and Mayor Bowser had no choice but to be on their best behavior.

When Bowser talks of "trash cleanup" in homeless areas, she is not talking about the garbage generated by people living their lives. Rather it is PEOPLE she is regarding as the "trash" to be "cleaned up" in the classic Fascist model. In this she differs little from Trump and the Proud Boys except for being more camera-shy. The nearby condo and luxury apartment builders most certainly want the homeless camps gone, as do wealthy whites moving into the area. Rich people in suits and ties often will not dare to walk through an underpass where those they have made homeless are camping. The real issue is not trash or the clear width of the sidewalk! Rather it is the rich fearing accountabily vs those they have tossed from their homes needing shelter from cold rain.


Scene at the L st underpass as cops and trash trucks showed up (phot bt Remora House)

It's a lot easier to move your tent and open that 9 foot walkway with help from your friends (photo by Remora House)

MPD cops cars line up at camp (Photo by Aaron the Anthropologist)

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