Karon Hylton's mother arrested at 4D protesting cops who murdered her son

Video-Karon Hylton's mother challenging MPD at 4D's front door and being arrested 1 min 20 sec

On Dec 19, Karon Hylton's mother was arrested after confronting MPD cops at their 4D stationhouse for killing her son. This triggered an hours-long siege of the station by protesters ending in the release of Karon's mother. Threats to mace protesters and bike cops riding around to threaten a kettle failed to disperse protesters. In the end, MPD threw in the towel.

At various times cops brandished pepper spray as well as various weapons never seen when the Proud Boys are around such as launchers for 40mm "rubber" bullets. Those rubber bullets can create injuries comparable to being kicked with steel-toe boots or stomped over a curb, and have killed when aimed at the head. Expecting this, the original call for the protest called on folks to wear armor and protective gear. Shields were used as well. Cops may have planted "overheard" remarks about "arrests expected" as well as using wierd bike cops tactics like riding around nearbly blocks in circles to bluff with a false threat of a kettle. These tactics failed, and in the end MPD had to release Karon's mother.

Chuck Modi recorded this video interview with Karon's mother after she was released.

There is still the matter of the demands of the protest, in particular that Ofc Sutton be fired. He is a known racist cop who has harassed Black residents of the Brightwood neighborhood for over a decade. In October he violated DC's "no chase" rule by chasing Karon Hylton to his death in a crash for nothing more than riding a rental scooter(the big kind) without a helmet. It took two years to get the cop who murdered Terrence Sterling fired, but Black Lives Matter never gave up until that killer cop was off the streets.

MPD swarms Karon Hylton's mother

Karon Hylton's mother at 4D's door demanding answers

MPD's response to her demands

A torrent of cops issues forth from their still-darkened and barricades 4D headquarters

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