Activists hold ground, march to BLM Plaza in face of fascist threats

On the 21st of November, SURJ held some group discussions on BLM Plaza and the Fuck the Police march went there almost directly from Dupont Circle. This was to provide relief for the hard-pressed folks looking after the plaza and the signs on the White House fence in the face of repeated attacks from fascists.

An ugly recent development is a series of spitting attacks on BLM activists on and around the plaza. This is nothing less than armed assault, assault with a deadly weapon due to the pandemic. Of course, after three stabbing incidents on Nov 14 all by Proud Boys members, this is no surprise.

As usual, the massive horde of biker cops following the "Fuck the Police" march was far more interested in protecting private property from the march than in protecting anyone from Proud Boys violence last week. While it is not expected that cops would protect anti-Fascist fighters from the Proud Boys (that's our own job), they were nowhere to be found when Proud Boys fists and boots thundered down on random GLBTQ civilians on Nov 14th either. Those folks are not warriors and most certainly were not expecting a fight. In fact, cops and Proud Boys worked together much of the day on Nov 14 and are expected to again on Dec 12, when the knives and guns of Proud Boys terrorists return to DC for another "March for Trump."

Barring intimidation of the Electoral college or an outright coup, this under-construction reviewing stand will witness the removal of Donald Trump from office on Jan 20

Biker cops stalk the They/Them "Fuck the Police" march en route to Black Lives Matter Plaza

Biker cops ahead of the march on final approach to H st

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